Taking Steps To Improve Your Marriage

Ok so I know that I haven’t blogged in a while but I have a good one today 🙂

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   Have you been thinking lately that your marriage is lacking something?

   Or it has become so routine that it seems you and your spouse have a plan/list/time setup for everything including sex and it has just not become fun anymore?

   Have you been praying for something different to come along or some change that might spark it up but nothing has come about?


Lets consider something today shall we? What if God what YOU to step out and do something instead of sitting and waiting for something to happen?

Don’t get me wrong here, praying is a top priority but are you listening when you are praying?? Are you stopping to hear what God is telling you to do or are you toning Him out because it is something that is out of your comfort zone or other excuses?

God didn’t make men visual creatures just because He was being funny… There is a reason… And we as women have to be mindful of that. His Word gives us the guidelines to live by, but for the most part many things we question in our relationship is what is great for one marriage might not work for another…. Meaning if I buy a very risque nighty for my hubby thats ok for us but you and your spouse my not want to do that and thats OK!


The point I am trying to make here is that if you and your spouse have decent communication you should have an idea of what he or she likes and dislikes. When it comes to “out of the box” thinking just make sure that whatever you do it isn’t making them feel demeaned or ashamed and honors them….. If you aren’t sure about something, talk to them and pray about it. Sometimes me and my husband when we have something planned but don’t want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, we ask general questions to see how they feel about it. 

What attracted us to our spouses in the first place?? Learning about them, exploring their thoughts, finding out things about them… The whole newness and mysteriousness, trekking out to discover everything about them. When you’ve been together for 20,30,50, 70 years you have to find new things to keep other guessing sometimes. It doesn’t have to be every night or even once a month.

Take time to really listen to what God is saying to you. Read His Word and get the guidelines that He says not to cross, He will tell you. Let Him be your guide in your relationship and marriage. And HAVE FUN! There will always be awkward times where something may not have come out as envisioned so laugh about it and don’t take it too seriously. Don’t be too hard on yourself or your spouse, marriage is a learning journey enjoy the ride!  I have also learned not to focus on my physical flaws so much (it can be a total turn off to mention them all the time) and starting to focus on the things I do like. Of course I am working on improving my health to be better for God and my husband.

Have fun and have a blessed day, in Jesus Name!!

Christina, Three Passions



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Three Passions is bringing sexy back

Three Passions

How to Seduce Your Husband- Ladies Only ;)

Seducing your husband

*This article is not for everyone. We believe in our hearts that God wants us to WANT our spouse and believe that certain things require consent and openness to talk to each other. This is one of those things that we believe should be open and talked about to each other to really honor each other knowing what the other wants in their sexual expectation before just doing it. Otherwise have fun with each other!* This article comes from Christian Nymphos.org, a site dedicated to women who want Godly advice, encouragement, and help with their sexuality and love God.

Thank you Christian Nymphos for this article!


Three Passions

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How Can Lingerie Be Christian?

So we have come up to some questions about the difference between our company and other companies. First of all we honor God before all else in our business. It is funny though because we get different responses and reactions from Christians and non-Christians alike questioning how we are different. For instance when we talk to Christians that have never heard of us or what we are doing the first words out of their mouths is “How does that work?” or they get this weird look on their face that is unsure about the whole thing and be polite and say that’s different and they change the subject.  Others are like “That’s awesome!! It’s about time!!” Then there are the few out there that think that the wife can’t strive to be the Hot and Sexy wife for their husbands as this is a temptation for the husband. More on that later 😉 When you read the Song Of Solomon in the Bible that right there tells you that there was fire, passion, love, intimacy, he didn’t describe a cotton nightgown covering her from her neck to her toes, she was adorned in beautiful things specially made for their night together and he was savoring everything the moment they were together. There is nothing wrong with WANTING to feel sexy and hot for your spouse. The best thing is communication and knowing what each other likes and do not like! And HAVE FUN!!

Then the non-Christians think that since we take the models and porn and pics out that we don’t get any business because we have literally taken the “pleasure” out of it. But here’s the thing. We have gotten so many testimonials that we have helped marriages by wives being able to shop for themselves without the comparison and giving their husbands the freedom to shop for their wives without the stumbling blocks that are connected with looking at almost naked women. Men are visual creatures and are aroused naturally by a beautiful woman. Why not take the model out and imagine his wife in it. Women are emotional and sensitive that they are easily caught in the trap that since they do not look a certain way that they won’t look beautiful in that special piece of lingerie that they were looking at. Of course all of these are lies and we are all made in the image of God. So when we say we aren’t beautiful then think of it this way, we are saying that God isn’t beautiful or that God made a mistake. God never makes mistakes and made every one of you juuuuuust right and when He looks at you He always says “it’s good!”

With that I leave you with this prayer:

Lord renew relationships with passion, fire, and new love for one another as they journey together in their marriage. I pray new communication links be opened and they overflow for one another. A new trust for each other to let each other have fun and be open to talk about their fantasies and growth in their love for one another and more passion for each other  in year 50 than they did in year 1. Your will be done Lord, not ours. In your mighty name Jesus,