Interview with Jezebel internet site- Interesting

So a few weeks ago I was called by a company called Jezebel. I know, the one the Bible says in 2 Kings 9:22 “….. How can there be anything good about it as long as the promiscuous whoring and sorceries of your mother Jezebel pollute the country?” The Message.

Or this,

1 Kings 21:25-26Ahab, pushed by his wife Jezebel and in open defiance of God, set an alltime record in making big business of evil. He indulged in outrageous obscenities in the world of idols, copying the Amorites whom God had earlier kicked out of Israelite territory.” The Message


1 Kings 21:23-24As for Jezebel, God said, “Dogs will fight over the flesh of Jezebel all over Jezreel. Anyone tainted by Ahab who dies in the city will be eaten by stray dogs; corpses in the country will be eaten by carrion crows.” The Message

And there is more on Jezebel so lets just say that she had the heart of evil and total hate for anything that the Lord stood for. So it was interesting to be interviewed by a reporter for their company. She was nice and respectful and all business and I appreciated that. But knowing that there company works from the opposite perspective that my company does I was a little apprehensive about the interview but as I prayed about it God told me to do it and put it in His hands. So I trusted in Him in this. I was asked simple questions like “How does being Christian make lingerie Christian?” I simply told her that there is no such thing as “Christian lingerie” but its our practices. Then there was the question “What about Christian erotica and porn?” I told her that just because you put “Christian” in from of anything doesn’t make it right. I told her that porn is just as Christian as lingerie, there is no such thing.

Needless to say there are other sites promoting things like these and blotting out the line between Godly things and mans/cultures ideas. Its like saying “Who says whats right?” If I feel its right then that’s whats right. So that is saying that I can go out and kill someone because I feel its right. But you ask someone who doesn’t think that’s right but doesn’t believe in God, then ask them WHY its not right. Alot of the time they can’t give you an answer because it always has to be from someone. If not from God then who? That is the reason that there are laws and why our feelings cannot be trusted all the time because there is only one who can be trusted fully and that is God, our Lord and Savoir, Jesus. We are not perfect and so the reason we have to have a Savior because we will always fall and do things that are not right with the Lord. Yes that comes with some guilt and shame in the beginning because God is telling us that we need Him. And once we go to Him those things are the past and we are made clean but only because of His righteousness, not ours. All these verses tell you how horrible Jezebel was toward God and people. Some of my quotes were included in Jezebels article and after you read it, if you read it, then be sure to come back and give your comments on what you think about what was said.

Jezebel article

But why do you let that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet mislead my dear servants into Cross-denying, self-indulging religion? I gave her a chance to change her ways, but she has no intention of giving up a career in the god-business. I’m about to lay her low, along with her partners, as they play their sex-and-religion games. The bastard offspring of their idol-whoring I’ll kill. Then every church will know that appearances don’t impress me. I x-ray every motive and make sure you get what’s coming to you. Revelation 2:20-23 The Message

Jezebel’s corpse will be like manure on the surface of the field in the plot of land at Jezreel so that no one will be able to say: This is Jezebel.2 Kings 9:37  HCSB

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Does Your Spouse See Jesus in You?

Sometimes we will get emails or websites that have a great article that we would like to spread the word about.  This article is a great reminder of who we really are and who we need to be when it comes to our spouse. Hope you love this reading as much as we did.


Does Your Spouse See Jesus in You?

by Matthew J. White

It’s 5:21 in the morning, and the alarm goes off. I roll over and hit the snooze button in hopes of just nine more minutes of sleep before the day begins. At 5:24, my two-year-old quietly – his version of quietly, anyway – enters the room and approaches the bed. I pretend to still be asleep so he’ll walk to the other side and crawl in with Anne (Failure #1).

Once in bed, Ian, our youngest son, starts in with his two-year-old version of whispering. I roll over and pull the covers tight to subtly tell Anne and Ian to keep it down (Failure #2). After a few minutes in that position, I realize he’s not going to be quiet or lay still – which both of us have asked him to do several times. I groggily slither out of bed and head for the closet to get dressed so I can take Ian downstairs.

When I get downstairs, I pull out some muffins and milk for Ian and then head to the basement to watch whatever is on TV at 5:30 a.m. so I can lie down for a few more minutes. I decide I’ll get Anne’s coffee in a little bit (Failure #3).

In just seven minutes, I’ve failed to show my wife love in the same way Jesus loves me! It may seem harsh to beat myself up like this, right? Wrong! If I was really intentional about loving my wife like Jesus loves me, I would have 1) hopped out of bed to try and catch Ian before he woke Anne; 2) taken him into the closet with me while I got dressed, so not to bother his mom; and 3) started the coffee and made Anne a cup so it was waiting when she got up to get in the shower.

Did you see yourself in my situation? If you don’t have kids or it’s been some time since you were there, you can make up another circumstance. This same mentality, where it’s much easier to do the selfish thing, can creep into every part of your day. But, Jesus has set an example for us to follow. And, the first place he wants us to put this into place is in our marriage. The Bible very specifically compares Christ’s relationship with the church directly to the relationship between husband and wife. And as we examine the characteristics of Jesus, we discover exactly what we must do so our spouse will see Christ in us.

It’s not just about being unselfish. If you really want your spouse to see Jesus in you, you have to genuinely put into practice an attitude of becoming more like Christ in everything you do. This is not a simple, one-time event; it is an everyday struggle. It’s not easy to act like Jesus in every situation. In fact, it’s notably difficult. We live in a world where it’s much easier to do what feels good or take the easy way out. But, becoming more like Jesus involves sacrificial love; it takes a servant’s heart; it means forgiving when it’s not easy to forgive; and it takes a concerted effort toward humility and self-forgetfulness!

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