Are We Christians Being “Hateful”?

This subject has bothered me for some time now and I just have to put it out there and let others chime in.  I was going through some articles, comments, and posts about the proposed marriage amendment. Unfortunately this is something that has the country split in half as much as the last election did, and probably the next election (but that a whole nuther story).  There are varying views on both sides of this. On the No side people are saying they have right to marry whoever they want to marry and/or just spite. On the Yes side you have the Biblical view or those that feel it is just wrong and leads to more questionable things down the road. I myself am not where to go with this because I don’t want to be someone looks at it the wrong way or miss something. Is has been shown that children raised in the traditional home seems to grow better because with each growing child they need a father figure and a moth figure in the household. I am not homophobic because I know people who are gay and I don’t spout hate to them every time I see them. I still love them as much as I would if they weren’t gay. The problem with me and the gay community is that yes God created man and woman and what would happen if everyone turned out to be gay…. The human race would diminish simple because of natural procreation. Yes I know that there are other ways to get pregnant but these ways become more difficult and expensive.

My problem isn’t with the marriage so much as the lifestyle itself. No matter which way you look at it, it is not natural. God created the penis to be inserted into a vagina, there is no argument there. Now I’m not saying that I don’t validate feelings of people. But even the Bible says that the only thing we can trust to never change is Him and that our feelings, mind, heart can be deceived and very easily if we don’t have God, Jesus, and His Word to guide us. Otherwise we will be blown to and fro and beliefs will always change and not know what is true and good. Hatred for gays or homophobia are as bad on the other end of the stick where Christians are hated by others just as much. But we don’t have laws against a Christian being abused or killed to protect just those people and that’s because we already have laws in place that tell us if we do these things to anyone you will be prosecuted. There shouldn’t be laws to protect one persons lifestyle over another when it comes to something that is already in place to protect them.

As far as healthcare, hospitals not allowing partners into hospital rooms and things of that nature I don’t believe that that is right. Things need to change there. Just because I don’t believe that homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that I want them to suffer by me personally by not allowing them to see loved ones or count them on their tax returns or even putting them on their health insurance. They are still supporting each other in a relationship.

Now my view on the marriage amendment my reasons why I don’t think I am against it is for a few reasons. My first one is that if we start to “redefine” what marriage is then who is to say that a guy goes to court because he wants to marry his dog because he feels that he loves it and no one can tell him how he feels, what he loves is what he loves, right? Or how about a pedophile who wants to marry an 8 year old because if they marry the 8 year old it will be legal?

The marriage amendment is not about hate.  Its about what some of us believe is right. So many people believe that us Christians have to just roll over and play dead to show Gods love. Well what about when Jesus was so distraught over turning a holy place into a trade market? He didn’t go God loves you and say if that’s what they feel or turn a blind eye and walk away…. He showed a righteous anger to the people that some things need to stay holy.

Just because I love someone doesn’t mean I have to turn a blind eye because its politically correct. God gave an inherent ability to know whats right or wrong. Do we always follow whats right or wrong? No, we all make mistakes. Christians have been at the top of the list for a long time with being judgmental thinking that  they were serving God when they themselves were deceived.

All of us has sinned in some way and all of us do it daily. Homosexuality is a sin just as much as murder, stealing, sex before marriage, coveting, adultery, and lying. Sin is where something comes before or more important than God. If you do not know Christ you will go to hell. That goes for all of us not just homosexuals. We all fall short of Gods glory and cannot enter the kingdom of God unless we accept the Savior who died for us to reconcile the broken bridge. No its not easy to accept this. People do not like to be told when they are doing something wrong and when we are told, a lot of the time we will rebel and do even more, defend ourselves, pull away from the ones who said anything, and fight it. Think of a teenager who wants to be independent but not quite ready to be out on his own yet. They want the freedom that an adult has without the responsibility. This is what I see happening in society. Don’t tell me what to do, I can do what I want.

Jesus said that if we stand for Him then we will be persecuted and hated just as He was. I, personally, would rather believe in God in the afterlife and nothing be there than then believe in nothing and find out I was totally wrong. I accepted Jesus as my Savior because I needed Him. Not because He gives me everything I ask for as my personal butler but as my Savior with peace and joy and love that would have never known otherwise. Nothing compares to Him and my relationship with Him. I will never be perfect in this life but I know that I will be made perfect after I die because my life is His, Jesus my Savior, and I live for Him.

I understand that this post my not bring the best of comments but I have a right to my opinion. And just because I am a Christian I shouldn’t be quiet. I love you all. We’re all the same in my book and Gods.

In Gods grace and Jesus’ freedom!


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