Love Is Not a Feeling. Sex and Love

Me and my husband are ones that believes that sex before marriage puts too many unknowns and hurts into play whether you know it or not… We are all faced with the inevitable decision to have or to not have sex at some point in our lives because as humans we crave affection and pleasure. And it can be extremely hard to say no when everything in you is saying yes. But men you have to know that that woman is someones daughter and the parents invest their whole lives into this girl that is now a woman and won’t stand for mistreatment. And when you have sex before marriage this is a mistreatment in a parents eyes. You need to treat her like this jewel that has extreme value. And there will always be times when she doesn’t see her value and that’s when you need to stand up and show her that value by keeping her pure! We have teenagers and have started to come into contact with our girl that feels her value is what she has to give and not who she is dispite giving her a foundation and lots of prayer. And a boy that has not been taught how to value a woman that isn’t sexual. This series is more personal for us as me and my husband didn’t have anyone to show us honor, respect, value and so we were teen parents. I hope this goes out to anyone who doesn’t think that sex is a big deal. Please share this with anyone who needs this message.
We all need Jesus but we have to choose Him and thats the hardest part.

Blessings to all parents! The job is not easy!

Three Passions

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