It Works! Wraps and Detox

Sorry guys that its been a while but its been a busy summer…

Ok so recently I have been getting back on track with cleaning out my body, eating better, creating a new exercise program for myself all the while getting our house painted, fixing windows, and doing business… Needless to say its been busy.

So I have tried body wraps before and them with the infrared sauna. Love the infrared sauna! But didn’t get much out of the wraps after 3-4 of those. I was like I can’t spend anymore on these if they aren’t working for me. A plus at the time was I got out of the house to do something for myself but everyone knows that there are other things that aren’t as expensive as those to get out of the house. LOL So I stopped doing them… Sure I saw a slight difference in weight… For a couple days… But never permanently. My main issue with my abdomen is my stretch marks. Being a small person I had to stretch a good size when I had my first baby. And being young myself at the time, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do to keep my skin healthy. So I have lots, and deep, stretch marks and have been using special lotions, creams, and gels to no avail.  One thing recently I have been doing is called Microcurrent. Where a small electrical probe is moved over your skin with a small amount of electrical current goes through it. Now this isn’t cheap. These treatments, while a safe alternative to surgery, cost around $700- $900 for 5-6 treatments or $175-$250 per session without a package. We got our package with 25% off so we actually paid $1000 or $1200 for 12 treatments. And you do these treatments every 3 days or so until desired results are attained. BUT it is not guaranteed. I have seen slight results with it but not enough to warrant paying the $1000 unfortunately. The thing about this is that I had already paid for and gone through half the sessions before a friend of mine told me about It Works! body applicators. I’m sure for some people they get really great results and for others not so much. And this is with everything we do because we all are different and not everything is for everyone. I know this from experience.


So I decided that $30 wasn’t that big of a deal to try out one wrap for myself. I got it 2 days ago and here’s what I did. I took my measurements, one at the waist- 33″, one at the belly button- 35 1/2″, and one at the hips- 36 1/2″.  Then left the wrap on over night and to hold it in place while I slept, I wrapped saran wrap around the applicator a couple of times. And yes I slept ok 🙂

The next morning I woke up. Took the wrap off, massaged the left over mixture on my skin in. Went to get a cup of coffee. Then off to the bathroom to measure. My measurements after the wrap were waist- 32″, belly button- 34″, hips- 36″! So just from that it works! I didn’t change anything or do anything different except drink lots of water. I am going to remeasure again and see if there is anymore inch loss as the company says that it continues to work in your body for at LEAST 3 days.


What this does is detoxes the fat cells that are storing toxins and gets them to release the toxins and tightens the skin and makes the tone better.


I decided I am going to buy more and try them on my arms, back, thighs, and booty. One of the easiest things I’ve done thus far. My stretchmarks also look a little better. 🙂 There is soo many testimonials about people having even better results than me! The results speak for themselves. And these have been used but men and women. And there are also wraps for face and neck.


We have decided to make this apart of our business and available to any of you who want to try these wraps. If you want more information on these or want to try one yourself call me at 907-301-1264 or email me at Single wraps are $30 each plus $3 shipping or you can visit our other site at   There you will find more info on their products, my story, and other information on becoming a loyal customer to get a box of 4 wraps for $59 plus shipping or even a distributor of It Works! All my contact info is there too, so if you have any questions let me know and I will see what I can answer and if I can’t there are many people that I am linked to that could.  I am here to answer any questions. But just to let you know you only get the discounted wraps if you sin up to be a Loyal Customer on my site other wise a box of 4 body applicators will cost $115 plus $5 shipping. But if you want to try it out you just pay the $33 for the applicator and shipping. That’s it!


Here’s the site to my team that I signed up with Skinny Wrap Rock Stars.
There you will find lots of before and after pics and others testimonies as well as other info.


We will be adding these to our Lingerie site in the Bath and Body section soon. So you will see these in our store but only single priced.


With that, be blessed everyone and see you soon!!

Christina Smith