God Loves Us But That’s Not The End


So I went to coffee with a special friend of mine who is my sister in Christ, spiritual mentor, and just all around loving person and of course we talked about our marriages, our children, where we sometimes feel we’ve failed and then encouraged each other that we aren’t done yet.
But we got onto the subject of “God loves us just the way we are” and if that’s all we teach how does the sinner repent?
It’s been on my mind since and just can’t get it out of my mind so thought I’d put it in writing and see how it goes 😉

So many years ago the churches and religious leaders used to teach mostly fire and brimstone and basically hoped to scare the “hell” out of you and you’d stay scared straight. It worked but not for long. Because when we sinned there wasn’t a consequence right away too often so the scared feeling went away alittle more each time since it’s only a feeling and the feeling won’t keep us from turning away from our sin continually.

So as time passed people were walking away from churches because they felt that they were always condemned and there was no way that they can be better due to only partially teaching what God says.

Then in comes the just say this prayer this way and you’ll be saved… Well this was a start but now we have confusion in the unsaved thinking they are bound for hell because they can’t get anything right because they don’t know how or what prayers to say. So churches are seeing that this isn’t working any longer so let’s change it up a bit…

The last 10 years it’s been about offending people so churches and spiritual leaders have been worried about losing people due to offending them… For instance God clearly says just in the 10 Commandments that lying, stealing, coveting (wanting what someone else has… and this includes spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends) is just as bad as adultery, worshiping idols (includes money, sex, a PhD and any addiction that is placed higher than God), and not loving your neighbor (this reference is to anyone whom is near to you in any way not just your house). Jesus said that the greatest of all commandments is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and he goes on to say that as important as the first is to love your neighbor(others) the same as you love yourself. Matthew 22:36-40 When we love fiercely, we see people are worth much more whether they are in sin or not so we want to protect them.

The problem today is that now many of us are afraid to tell people that even though God fiercely loves them for who they are that we think that this will save them but ultimately this leads people to believe that even though they are still in sin that they do not need to change or repent since God loves them already. We have forgotten to include the part that God loves them so much that He gave a way out of sin but the only way is to repent (ask for forgiveness), confess and turn away from the things that cause you to sin.

You see if we only preach about parts of the Truth we will only see parts of freedom. We need to preach about how God loves you right where you at so you will come to Him then preach about how He made a way to be truly happy through Jesus and can have real freedom from sin so we don’t return and when we do He is there to help us through it. We can’t be afraid of letting someone know that their behavior is causing/will cause them harm or will not fill the void that they will always have that was only made for Jesus because of the separation from God while in sin.

Yes God loves us just the way we are and right where we are at but to me that makes me want to be a better person and not stay in the low place and make excuses to live in sin just because He loves me. I want to be a better me because He loves me. Sin is a terrible place to be because it slowly tears us down little by little until we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore.

Tell the world that God loves them but also tell them their sin will not make them happy for long and in the end it loses its flare and that the real risk is trusting in the Lord but you get so much more!
He doesn’t promise a perfect life but He promises a full and abundant life that is complete!
How about you? We would love to hear your comments!

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“When The Music Fades” In Your Marriage

I know its been over a month since I’ve posted the next article in this series from Focus on the Family. Its been an interesting summer so far to say the least. For here in Alaska we don’t get too many summers with 90 degree weather and me and my family have been enjoying it while it lasted. For some reason the harder I try to stay on track the quicker I seem to get off…  Oh well I’ll take it as it comes. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this series!

Christina – Three Passions

“After the Fall, the beautiful harmony within human relationships and, in fact, the entire creation, devolved into dissonance.”

By most standards Nancy and Josh’s marriage was exemplary. Their middle-class status was comfortable. They both loved each other and adored their three children. Josh was involved in the men’s ministry at their church, and Nancy taught the junior high bible class. The kids were generally well-behaved, and everyone respected this family.

Josh and Nancy had no major issues confronting their relationship, but lately an inexplicable tension was building between them. Nancy began to complain that Josh expended so much of his time and energy at work that he had very little left for her and the kids. In his mind, Josh was simply fulfilling his responsibility to his family by providing for them. He was trying to be a good husband and father, but his efforts seemed to be increasingly criticized. And Josh, like Nancy, was becoming progressively more frustrated.

No Barriers

Nancy and Josh’s difficulty is nothing new. In fact, Genesis sheds some light on this relational state of affairs. Prior to the first human couple’s rejection of God’s goodness, they lived in a protected environment, with unlimited resources and an intimate connection between each other and the Creator. There was no power struggle between them, no critical view of the other. In biblical language, they “were naked and not ashamed” (Genesis 2:26).

As husband and wife, they lived in full openness before one another and God as they “walked in the cool of the evening with God.” There were no barriers, no personal agendas, no unrealistic expectations of the other and no attempts to find life from the other. They both expressed to, and received from, each other the authentic love of God peculiarly mediated through them as male and female. They participated in the sacred dance of marriage, living in the full, dynamic life of their mutual Creator.

From Harmony to Dissonance

This beautiful harmony within human relationships and, in fact, the entire creation, eventually devolved into dissonance. Once they pursued life from a source other than God, the man and woman introduced into human relationships conflicts that continue to afflict us all. They first hid themselves from one another with leaves, and then they hid from the Creator among the trees. The deep, spiritual harmony that existed between the man, woman and God was disrupted.

Once banished from the garden, they entered a hostile environment with limited resources. The woman began to depend increasingly on the man, where she previously received freely from God, and the man began the arduous task of providing for his family by the sweat of his brow. The “battle of the sexes” began: “You shall desire him, and he shall rule over you” (Genesis 3:16). Sociologists have long recognized that power struggles occur in relationships primarily due to conflicts over limited resources.1

The Genesis text anticipated, and sadly described, this lingering condition.

Addressing Some Sour Notes

Whatever one thinks of the Genesis description of human relationships, it rings true and offers some valuable insights for marriage:

  • While interpreters debate the specifics, Genesis indicates the emergence of a power struggle between male and female (Genesis 3:16). Whatever is involved in the “woman’s desire for the man,” and his “rule over her,” we need to acknowledge that power struggles do occur within relationships. Though often subtle, they are real and must be recognized. If allowed to remain unchecked, power struggles can erode relational intimacy.
  • We tend to seek life and identity from sources other than God. When this occurs, we place unrealistic demands on our spouse. Since only God can serve as the true source of our lives, any attempt to receive meaning and purpose from our spouse will leave us – and the other – frustrated. Additionally, rather than expressing and receiving God’s love in the relationship, we’ll drain it of all energy.
  • As in the Genesis story, couples tend to “cover themselves” from the other. This is the biblical language to describe “the fear of intimacy” as well as “trust issues.” God intends for married couples to experience full and open disclosure of themselves to one another. Though difficult to do, such honesty is the key to deeper intimacy.

In the following article, we’ll consider in more detail some ways that couples can move into deeper intimacy.

Are We Christians Being “Hateful”?

This subject has bothered me for some time now and I just have to put it out there and let others chime in.  I was going through some articles, comments, and posts about the proposed marriage amendment. Unfortunately this is something that has the country split in half as much as the last election did, and probably the next election (but that a whole nuther story).  There are varying views on both sides of this. On the No side people are saying they have right to marry whoever they want to marry and/or just spite. On the Yes side you have the Biblical view or those that feel it is just wrong and leads to more questionable things down the road. I myself am not where to go with this because I don’t want to be someone looks at it the wrong way or miss something. Is has been shown that children raised in the traditional home seems to grow better because with each growing child they need a father figure and a moth figure in the household. I am not homophobic because I know people who are gay and I don’t spout hate to them every time I see them. I still love them as much as I would if they weren’t gay. The problem with me and the gay community is that yes God created man and woman and what would happen if everyone turned out to be gay…. The human race would diminish simple because of natural procreation. Yes I know that there are other ways to get pregnant but these ways become more difficult and expensive.

My problem isn’t with the marriage so much as the lifestyle itself. No matter which way you look at it, it is not natural. God created the penis to be inserted into a vagina, there is no argument there. Now I’m not saying that I don’t validate feelings of people. But even the Bible says that the only thing we can trust to never change is Him and that our feelings, mind, heart can be deceived and very easily if we don’t have God, Jesus, and His Word to guide us. Otherwise we will be blown to and fro and beliefs will always change and not know what is true and good. Hatred for gays or homophobia are as bad on the other end of the stick where Christians are hated by others just as much. But we don’t have laws against a Christian being abused or killed to protect just those people and that’s because we already have laws in place that tell us if we do these things to anyone you will be prosecuted. There shouldn’t be laws to protect one persons lifestyle over another when it comes to something that is already in place to protect them.

As far as healthcare, hospitals not allowing partners into hospital rooms and things of that nature I don’t believe that that is right. Things need to change there. Just because I don’t believe that homosexuality is a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that I want them to suffer by me personally by not allowing them to see loved ones or count them on their tax returns or even putting them on their health insurance. They are still supporting each other in a relationship.

Now my view on the marriage amendment my reasons why I don’t think I am against it is for a few reasons. My first one is that if we start to “redefine” what marriage is then who is to say that a guy goes to court because he wants to marry his dog because he feels that he loves it and no one can tell him how he feels, what he loves is what he loves, right? Or how about a pedophile who wants to marry an 8 year old because if they marry the 8 year old it will be legal?

The marriage amendment is not about hate.  Its about what some of us believe is right. So many people believe that us Christians have to just roll over and play dead to show Gods love. Well what about when Jesus was so distraught over turning a holy place into a trade market? He didn’t go God loves you and say if that’s what they feel or turn a blind eye and walk away…. He showed a righteous anger to the people that some things need to stay holy.

Just because I love someone doesn’t mean I have to turn a blind eye because its politically correct. God gave an inherent ability to know whats right or wrong. Do we always follow whats right or wrong? No, we all make mistakes. Christians have been at the top of the list for a long time with being judgmental thinking that  they were serving God when they themselves were deceived.

All of us has sinned in some way and all of us do it daily. Homosexuality is a sin just as much as murder, stealing, sex before marriage, coveting, adultery, and lying. Sin is where something comes before or more important than God. If you do not know Christ you will go to hell. That goes for all of us not just homosexuals. We all fall short of Gods glory and cannot enter the kingdom of God unless we accept the Savior who died for us to reconcile the broken bridge. No its not easy to accept this. People do not like to be told when they are doing something wrong and when we are told, a lot of the time we will rebel and do even more, defend ourselves, pull away from the ones who said anything, and fight it. Think of a teenager who wants to be independent but not quite ready to be out on his own yet. They want the freedom that an adult has without the responsibility. This is what I see happening in society. Don’t tell me what to do, I can do what I want.

Jesus said that if we stand for Him then we will be persecuted and hated just as He was. I, personally, would rather believe in God in the afterlife and nothing be there than then believe in nothing and find out I was totally wrong. I accepted Jesus as my Savior because I needed Him. Not because He gives me everything I ask for as my personal butler but as my Savior with peace and joy and love that would have never known otherwise. Nothing compares to Him and my relationship with Him. I will never be perfect in this life but I know that I will be made perfect after I die because my life is His, Jesus my Savior, and I live for Him.

I understand that this post my not bring the best of comments but I have a right to my opinion. And just because I am a Christian I shouldn’t be quiet. I love you all. We’re all the same in my book and Gods.

In Gods grace and Jesus’ freedom!


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Is There Really “Christian” Lingerie?

So I was recently contacted by a BIG news agency since they were concocting a story on christian erotica. Yea I know, one of those oxymoron’s.  I do not want to mention who it it until I know for sure they are actually going to use us in any way, ok I will give you a hint, it starts with A….

Anyways here is the question that keeps coming up… What makes the lingerie Christian? Here’s the answer…  It doesn’t! Lingerie can’t be any more Christian than a frog can be a cow. It just doesn’t. Its the purpose behind it… The people behind it. The morals and values and beliefs of the people who are offering their goods. Does it line up with Gods Word and honor each other in your marriage? If something doesn’t feel right don’t do it. For example, a schoolgirl outfit. Some of you out there are thinking that it makes it seem like your spouse wants a teenage girl if you dress up in something like that. Others are thinking that as long as you and your spouse are ok with it and enjoy it visually and sexually it makes your sex life stronger. Well here’s a question… Is it just the name of it, the style or just the thought of the whole thing? I would honestly like to hear some of you chime in on this one and let me know your thoughts.

As far as me and my husband go a plaid skirt that barely goes past my butt cheeks and a shirt that barely covers my breasts is an absolute turn on for him not because of what it signifies but because it is barely covering anything but leaving just enough out of the picture to wait and imagine. Hey what about a secretary outfit or a scantily clad pirate girl….

Here is my analogy on it. Nothing is for everyone no matter what it is. Even God says it in His Word… 1 Corinthians 6:12   Amplified version 12 Everything is permissible (allowable and lawful) for me; but not all things are helpful (good for me to do, expedient and profitable when considered with other things). Everything is lawful for me, but I will not become the slave of anything or be brought under its power. The thing is to not be ruled by your desires and be overcome by them the same way a druggie or an alcoholic would be. A connection with the Lord is is how you know. We have done lots of praying when we started our business. If we didn’t have that we would be like everyone else out there without a real reason why we we do what we do.  We do what we do because its right and we want to please the Lord. And it pleases the Lord when we are honoring, serving, and pleasing our spouse in the bedroom as much as outside the bedroom. He created the hunger for us to be excited for each other and we need to stand on that as long as it stays between the husband, wife, and God.

Let me know if you guys have any questions and comments about this post, would love to hear your chimes!

Sexy Marriages and Godly lives!



Interview with Jezebel internet site- Interesting

So a few weeks ago I was called by a company called Jezebel. I know, the one the Bible says in 2 Kings 9:22 “….. How can there be anything good about it as long as the promiscuous whoring and sorceries of your mother Jezebel pollute the country?” The Message.

Or this,

1 Kings 21:25-26Ahab, pushed by his wife Jezebel and in open defiance of God, set an alltime record in making big business of evil. He indulged in outrageous obscenities in the world of idols, copying the Amorites whom God had earlier kicked out of Israelite territory.” The Message


1 Kings 21:23-24As for Jezebel, God said, “Dogs will fight over the flesh of Jezebel all over Jezreel. Anyone tainted by Ahab who dies in the city will be eaten by stray dogs; corpses in the country will be eaten by carrion crows.” The Message

And there is more on Jezebel so lets just say that she had the heart of evil and total hate for anything that the Lord stood for. So it was interesting to be interviewed by a reporter for their company. She was nice and respectful and all business and I appreciated that. But knowing that there company works from the opposite perspective that my company does I was a little apprehensive about the interview but as I prayed about it God told me to do it and put it in His hands. So I trusted in Him in this. I was asked simple questions like “How does being Christian make lingerie Christian?” I simply told her that there is no such thing as “Christian lingerie” but its our practices. Then there was the question “What about Christian erotica and porn?” I told her that just because you put “Christian” in from of anything doesn’t make it right. I told her that porn is just as Christian as lingerie, there is no such thing.

Needless to say there are other sites promoting things like these and blotting out the line between Godly things and mans/cultures ideas. Its like saying “Who says whats right?” If I feel its right then that’s whats right. So that is saying that I can go out and kill someone because I feel its right. But you ask someone who doesn’t think that’s right but doesn’t believe in God, then ask them WHY its not right. Alot of the time they can’t give you an answer because it always has to be from someone. If not from God then who? That is the reason that there are laws and why our feelings cannot be trusted all the time because there is only one who can be trusted fully and that is God, our Lord and Savoir, Jesus. We are not perfect and so the reason we have to have a Savior because we will always fall and do things that are not right with the Lord. Yes that comes with some guilt and shame in the beginning because God is telling us that we need Him. And once we go to Him those things are the past and we are made clean but only because of His righteousness, not ours. All these verses tell you how horrible Jezebel was toward God and people. Some of my quotes were included in Jezebels article and after you read it, if you read it, then be sure to come back and give your comments on what you think about what was said.

Jezebel article

But why do you let that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet mislead my dear servants into Cross-denying, self-indulging religion? I gave her a chance to change her ways, but she has no intention of giving up a career in the god-business. I’m about to lay her low, along with her partners, as they play their sex-and-religion games. The bastard offspring of their idol-whoring I’ll kill. Then every church will know that appearances don’t impress me. I x-ray every motive and make sure you get what’s coming to you. Revelation 2:20-23 The Message

Jezebel’s corpse will be like manure on the surface of the field in the plot of land at Jezreel so that no one will be able to say: This is Jezebel.2 Kings 9:37  HCSB

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