Our Mission

We are a husband and wife who work out of our home to bring you safe products while keeping the sizzle alive in the bedroom. Our mission and hope is to change the way man has warped sexuality and satan uses this against us. Things that are natural are being used against us today with how men are visually stimulated and how women view and compare themselves to other women. Of course of you are grounded in yourself and know that the only one that matters is how God sees you these will not be as hard on you as some who are not grounded in this. I myself, the wife, went through this some time ago thinking I was not good enough for my husband because I wasn’t thin enough, gained too much weight, didn’t look like I did when we were married anymore, my breasts weren’t big enough, etc., etc. I know the drill! We want to change the way business is done in the intimate areas of lingerie, undergarments, sexy clothing, and also the “toy” business.   We want to stand up for marriage in its entirety and keep it pure, uplift Godly morals and values for the whole family, and keep the purity of sex and love alive while offering safe and intimate products for those that have the same values. We also partner with other companies that are doing the same to give knowledge and understanding about the true heart of God in marriage and sex, and you will find those on our other pages of our site and blog. Be sure to let them know when you visit them that we sent you.

On that note sex should be celebrated and expressed through purity the way it was originally designed and not a gross and taboo thing that no one should ever talk about.

Bless each and everyone of you and we pray for increased sexual and spiritual appetite to grow for one another and for God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. AMEN!

Timothy and Christina Smith

Owners Three Passions Lingerie and Gifts LLC


One thought on “Our Mission

  1. Wonderful site. You are a wonderful couple doing this for other’s and in such a proffessional and christian way. I appreciate you and your site for it is exactly the type of site I was looking for. Ordering from you was so easy and you was so easy to talk to and was very understanding. Thank you for making me feel very comfortable when ordering as well. I will continue to do buisness with you and hope for a very long relationship with you in the future. Thank you so much and God Bless you.

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