Whole 30 Challenge? It Really Does Start With Food

Oh man! ok so I thought I would post on here about my journey on starting this lifestyle change with my eating habits. I have started my Whole 30 challenge with a friend and its only been 4 full days and today is my 5th…

So I prepped, got my habit foods that I eat just to eat hidden, and printed out recipes that I will need. And Whole 30 has a nice timeline as to what to expect during your 30 days emotionally. It has helped me understand why I’ve been so up and down these last few days.

You see on this 30 days you are not allowed to have sugar or sweetener of any kind unless it is from the whole fruit (you have to eat the orange not buy the orange juice), no grains of any type including quinoa, no dairy of any kind except eggs and clarified butter or ghee (because regular butter still has proteins from the milk) , and no legumes (beans) of any kind which includes peanuts, because we are all learning that peanuts are a bean type not a nut. That means I have cut pastas, breads, candies, creamers, refried beans and shells for my tacos (which I LOOOOVVVVEEEE). I also have to be careful with the types of oils I buy because most are highly processed. Most people would think this is a low carb diet but I can have potatoes, fruits, and things of that nature. Honestly I still eat alot of food and actually feel full longer than I used to. But it is the psychological stuff and the and addictions that this is changing. And boy have I been feeling the ups and downs!!

The first day was easy as pie and was like this isn’t so bad except for a nagging headache. But day 2 and 3 was bad headaches, cravings, really tired was hitting but stuck to it.(so glad to be doing this with a friend because I would not have made it through the day) Day 4 was no headaches any longer but was still really tired. Most likely due to my body relying on sugar for energy all the time instead of fat that its withdrawling.

Well today I was expecting (as said on the timeline) the “kill everything” emotions where you just feel snappy and angry for no reason. But instead I have been tearing up over EVERYTHING!!! Literally! Normal everyday things that I don’t even think about have been putting me into a crying mode. That was unexpected and I know it will pass as everything else has but its difficult for the time being. Just being honest.

So not even a full 5 days in and it has been a journey already. But the food is good and I like feeling full after eating and not gorging myself because I can’t get enough… (also a side affect of sugar overconsumption).

So I just wanted to do something a little different today and if anyone has questions or comments I would love to hear! If you have been on the Whole 30 Challenge already please comment and let me know what the hardest thing for you was. Or if you are thinking of doing this yourself join me!

Thanks for letting me rant and release! 🙂


Christina Smith

Three Passions Lingerie

Three Passions Younique

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