Beauty Among Ashes



We’re Back in action!

So as some of you have noticed that it had been a few months since our last post. Well we have gone through a bout of health and family issues that needed our attention. During the time that we have not posted we went on vacation and as soon as we got back our teenage daughter went into counseling for cutting and then my husband has had 3 surgeries not including blood tests, scopes, and allergies. Its been quite a ride since February but God is good! We praise Him in the good times and in the storms.

We are praising Him for the healings we have gotten and praising Him for the ones yet to come.

It has been hard on our whole family not knowing if healing will come in this world or the next. None of us wants to live a life of pain but all I know is that there is always a reason for the things we go through, either for ourselves or for someone else or both. Our trust in the Lord has grown with this that even though I have spent nights crying in the shower or to sleep He has never left me/us. He sat with each of us crying knowing the the pain we are going through because He has gone through it Himself. many times I just wanted to give up and say I guess this is the way our life is just gonna be… pain, depression, anger, finances getting worse with all the tests. Our only hope was our Lord and Savior Jesus and that this is not our home! No wonder we all have that sense that there is something more for us! We do not belong in this world! We belong with Him in eternity! Sure we may feel satisfied for a time but there always comes a time when you feel that you need to move, change, do something new, we weren’t MEANT to be HERE on this earth. We were meant to reign with with Jesus in heaven. BUT He gave us that choice to accept Him or not to. No forcing you to believe He is for you not against you, that He loves you and not a bully who gets his kicks watching you struggle. We have to remember that there are always two sides to the coin. Seems all we need is a whisper from Satan but require God to show us He is real.


How much different would our lives be if we all just made the right choices even if they are not easy or the popular ones? I don’t know about everyone else but think that things would be quite a bit different. But would you change anything if you had the chance? All I can say is that I don’t think I would. Well maybe the part where I had a boy stay the night with me while babysitting and things not ending up well when I was 14… But even then I have learned something from that stupid choice and have been a testimony for other girls and women when it comes to date rape. Coming back to the main thing in this post…. Everything happens for a reason whether it be for ourselves or someone else. We can be a light to others when there doesn’t seem to be any.


So just remember it may be hard when your going through it but when God brings you through it you will be stronger and will be a better person even if we were the ones that may the stupid choice/decision or put ourselves into situations that we know deep down that we should be in but do it anyway. Even when we lose ourselves completely and finally find ourselves again in the midst of struggle. Forgiving ourselves is just as important as forgiving others.


We would love to hear testimonies from others in our comments or our Facebook page of things you have overcome, you never know you might become the light that some else needs at the moment.


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