New Items And Updates :)


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Hey everyone!!

I know its been a while… We’ve been sorting through lots of personal stuff but rest assured we are still in business LOL. I know thats always a valid question when I haven’t kept in touch. With a husband, children, other ministries that we are getting involved in its been a little hectic. So I wanted to give an update on whats been happening 🙂

First we’ve had some personal/health issues that we are still sorting through but I won’t go into that because I am believing that God has a plan and we are praying for complete health in every way.

Second,  me and a friend of mine started a ministry in our local area called Younglives that ministers to teen moms from 12-20 years of age. Since we host Club at a public school we are not able to talk about anything “religious” so we are just trying to show God light without words and make relationships. We are working towards getting a few girls to Younglives camp for them to hear the message of Jesus Christ without cell phones, boyfriends, or parents filters. If you think you might want to serve while the girls are at camp, Click this link > Who Can Serve  Please pray for us and these girls that we get fully funded for all the girls to go to camp.

Third, we recently watched a video called Nefarious: Merchant Of Souls and its about the sex trafficking around the world. We want to be a part of getting the word out on this issue,  if this hits your heart be looking out for ways to help out there.

We are also trying to figure out the whole newsletter thing…. It was not quite up to par when we tried to do MailChimp. So what we are gonna do is completely start anew and if you were on the list before please resubscribe otherwise you will not receive the newsletters. We will probably only do newsletters every 2-4 weeks and will include any blog posts, new items, sales and promotions, and featured items. We will be clearing everything up here in the next month or so.

Be sure to also like our Facebook Page at  There you will find exclusive Facebook coupons and discounts and also new items and things like that. So like to stay updated 🙂 I am adding recent items later today!

Well I think thats it for today. Let us know what you think and be sure to share us with others you think might benefit from our site or info 🙂



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