What’s ok in our marriage?

Here is a post that I blogged about a few months ago but since we are redoing this series I wanted to let everyone know that we are all different and I think it is a good series for us to all get to know. We hope that this series will help you all in your quest for better marriages. If you decide to comment they will be previewed before approved and I just ask that all comments to not be judgemental to one another. And to truly love each other for our differences.
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I had forgotten to repost this to start the series. So here is the first Day then follow this post up with Day 2 to read the first three things that we are going over in the series. I do ask that if you comment on any of these articles in this series that you keep an open mind and do not ridicule others for the things that they feel differently on. We aren’t here to judge but to learn.


Many relationships suffer because most people are either afraid of doing things that may be wrong sexually or are afraid to communicate it to their spouse for fear of being ridiculed or shunned by them.

As you notice the main word in both these statements id FEAR. First things first, lets get one thing straight, FEAR is not of God. It is something that will keep you in bondage…

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